When starting the process of divorce, there are many decisions you have to make.  One of the most important can be who to hire as your family law attorney.  You want someone you can trust to help you navigate what is to come.  You may also be vulnerable, emotional and stressed out.  You want to be able to rely on your attorney when you are not as confident in yourself.  Here are some things to consider when hiring the right fit:

  1. Think about your goals.  Try to imagine how complex you think your divorce will be.  Do you have children? Shared assets? Think about what you want to accomplish.  Your attorney can help you manage all aspects at once and prioritize in which order you want to attack in piece.
  2. Do some research.  Hit the internet first.  But, also ask around for referrals.  Do you know someone who had a good experience with their family law attorney? Is there a lawyer in another area of law you trust to recommend a colleague?  It always helps to have some insight into your attorney other than from just a random search.  You want to be sure you have options to contact.
  3. Schedule an initial consultation. This is your chance to meet face-to-face and get more of a personal impression.  Come prepared with questions you want to address and be ready to listen.  You are going to hear a lot of information.  Bring a notepad to take notes if you need to.
  4. Reflect.  Revisit your goals for your divorce and think about what you heard when you went to your consultation(s).  Look at the facts but also trust your gut.  Can you envision working with this person closely for the months to come?
  5. Make a decision.  When you know who you want to hire, reach out quickly.  While your divorce attorney will make you feel like you are their only client, the reality is you aren’t.  So you want to make your move to ensure action on the timeline originally discussed.

If you are in the initial stages of a divorce or other family law matter, please contact Petrelli Previtera, LLC.  We are here to help you and your family.