Divorce Law

The Impact of Investing in a High-Quality Lawyer

For many couples, divorce can be pricey. After covering court costs and filing fees, mediation costs, counseling, attorney fees, and other related expenses, the cost to dissolve a marriage could climb to tens of thousands of dollars for some. Attorney fees are often one of the main ex
Divorce law

Paying the Bills During Divorce

You and your soon-to-be-ex spouse may still be under the same roof, or you might have already separated or found temporary arrangements apart from one another. Regardless of your current living situation, your regular monthly bills are still coming in. How do you know who should be pa
Business Divorce

Minding Your Business During Your Divorce

Many American couples start a business together. In fact, an estimated 3 million small businesses in the U.S. in 2000 were couple-owned, and that number has likely grown over the last nearly two decades. When a couple have become business partners and dissolve their marriage, the proc
Child Support

Helping Your Kids Through the Challenges of Divorce

Divorce is often painful and overwhelming for a couple, but the split can have unhealthy short- and long-term impacts on their children. By providing the appropriate care and support, however, parents can help protect their kids from lifelong mental and emotional scars. According to t
Family Law

Communication 101: How to Keep Yourself Out of Trouble During Your Divorce

Divorce is generally adversarial in nature. Even when two spouses decide a divorce is best, things can change and one party can begin to act purely out of anger and hurt. It’s important that you protect yourself by knowing how to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse during the c
PA Law

PA House Bill 380 Could Save a Year for Certain Divorcing Couples

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed a bill that would shorten the required period of time a couple must have lived separately to one year for automatic grounds for divorce. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has until October 7, 2016 to sign House Bill 380 into la

The Secret Lie You Should Know About the 50% Divorce Rate

We have a secret. You’ve been lied to… about the divorce rate. At some point, every adult in America is told that the divorce rate is 50%. That’s a lie, but once the number is stuck in your head, it makes it hard to focus on making a marriage a success because you’re worried about bei
frozen assets

What Are Frozen Assets and How Will They Affect My Divorce?

I tried to use my debit card to pay my bills and it was declined. When I called the bank, I found out that all of my accounts were frozen because my soon-to-be ex-spouse is listed. I really wasn’t expecting this. I received an ATRO from the court. What is it and how will it continue t
social media and divorce

Social Media and Divorce Basics

Will my posts on social media actually affect my divorce? Social media is a regular part of life. People post photos of their kids, pets, food, and even their self on a daily basis. It is a place to connect with friends and family we may not see often. For many, it can become a battle

Don’t Let Your Divorce Ruin Your Child’s Holiday

Our Philadelphia Family Law Attorneys Share 6 Ways to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive During a Divorce Sparkly lights, school vacation, family togetherness, the first snow, and the anticipation of a visit from Santa… the holidays are a magical time for children. While a divorce or separ
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