A divorce is a unique and important event and you need a divorce lawyer who is dependable and committed to helping you.

Our divorce lawyers can help you whether you are filing for divorce or whether your spouse has initiated the divorce process. Together, we will work with you to solve complicated issues of child custody, child support, and spousal support.

From the time of your initial consultation, the divorce lawyers of Petrelli Previtera, LLC will work to address your individual concerns and develop a unique legal strategy to best meet your personal goals. Whether you have an amicable and simple divorce that requires a formal agreement or a complicated and contested divorce that requires litigation, we can help you. 

Philadelphia divorce lawyer Thomas Petrelli is an experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey divorce mediator who can help couples reach agreements that benefit each other and their children so that they can move on with the rest of their lives. When mediation is a viable option it can save divorcing couples money, time and the ability to have a future working relationship for the benefit of their children.

Divorce becomes considerably more complex when the couple has high assets or high income. Whether you, or your spouse, have control of the assets, our experienced divorce lawyers will work hard to make sure that there is an equitable distribution of property. Specifically, we will uncover hidden assets and make sure that they are fairly distributed and we will make sure that all income is disclosed and reflected in child support and spousal support agreements.

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For a nominal fee, we offer a one on one meeting with an attorney. At that meeting you and your divorce lawyer will define your goals and consider any likely difficulties in achieving your goals. You will leave your meeting knowing the next steps that will be taken in your case and that a unique strategy to meet your divorce goals is being developed by your divorce lawyer.

When you’re ready to learn about the possible legal solutions to your situation, contact a divorce lawyer at Petrelli Previtera, LLC We can be reached via our online contact form or at 866-465-5395. We look forward to working with you to meet your goals and to helping you move on with the rest of your life