Divorce Law

For many couples, divorce can be pricey.

After covering court costs and filing fees, mediation costs, counseling, attorney fees, and other related expenses, the cost to dissolve a marriage could climb to tens of thousands of dollars for some.

Attorney fees are often one of the main expenses in a divorce. Most attorneys bill at an hourly rate. When a divorce is contentious, attorneys could spend many hours on the case, and the cost will add up. However, the potential price tag shouldn’t motivate spouses to hire the cheapest lawyer possible to cut expenses. Choosing an experienced and efficient attorney should instead be considered an investment that could potentially save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Experience Equals Efficiency

Your time is valuable. While choosing a less experienced lawyer could mean saving money on fees, it could also result in a lot of wasted time. No one wants to be part of a stressful situation for longer than necessary. High-quality divorce lawyers know how to act efficiently to get you on the other side of your divorce as quickly and successfully as possible.

Good Lawyers Pursue Every Detail

Errors and oversights result when a lawyer fails to spend the time needed to pursue every detail and build your case properly. In equitable distribution states like Pennsylvania, courts may consider the following information (and more) to divide a divorcing couple’s assets:

  • Length of marriage and any previous marriages,
  • Age, health, employment and income of each party,
  • Children
  • Tax information,
  • Prenuptial and/or postnuptial agreements and any non-marital assets,
  • Standard of living during the marriage, and many other factors.

Missing important facts cause you to lose some assets that are rightfully yours, not to mention lengthening the amount of time it takes to move through the process.

Invest in Quality and Have Confidence in Your Results

When you’re getting divorced, you only have one shot to ensure your assets are divided as fairly and efficiently as possible. Getting an experienced divorce lawyer on your side could make all the difference in your experience and results.

Feel free to call our law firm without obligation if you have any questions about selecting an attorney that’s right for your situation. We can give you the facts you need to make informed decisions as you move forward.