The old proverb says, “Marry in haste, repent at leisure.” That’s not a fair way to look at all marriages, but many young couples in Pennsylvania have learned that marriage is not quite what they expected.

For some troubled relationships, the solution turns out to be a postnuptial agreement. Like the more familiar prenuptial agreement, a Pennsylvania postnuptial agreement is a legally binding contract between spouses—or between domestic partners—dealing with specific duties and obligations each will assume.

Many couples find it clarifying to have a written list of what each partner expects from the other. But many report the greatest advantages come from the process of bargaining to get to the agreement in the first place. This negotiation process can show spouses where their values and needs are in conflict.

Why Skillful Mediation for Postnuptial Agreements Is Essential

It is extraordinarily difficult for a couple with a troubled marriage to negotiate a fair postnuptial contract without help. Each partner’s emotions, preconceptions, and self-interest gets in the way of an honest exchange. Even when couples have the strongest commitment to saving their relationship, they usually cannot successfully complete postnuptial agreement negotiations on their own.

A Philadelphia family lawyer can make an enormous difference. By using his skills at deflecting negative emotions and alternative dispute resolution, the mediator can make sure his clients remain on task to develop a mutually satisfying bargain. When the mediator is thoroughly familiar with Pennsylvania family law, both sides can be confident the agreement that they draft together will stand up under court examination. Certainly, each side will want to review the agreement with their own separate counsel before signing, but the help of an impartial Philadelphia postnuptial agreement mediator can mean the difference between success and failure.

Look to Attorney Thomas Petrelli for Additional Information

Attorney Thomas Petrelli is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey family law attorney and certified mediator. He serves as a postnuptial agreement mediator for the Divorce Done Right network of family law mediation professionals. In addition to serving as a mediator, he has served as counsel to review postnuptial agreement drafted by another. He is dedicated to helping couples preserve their troubled marriages whenever possible, and he sees postnuptial agreements as a useful tool to achieve that goal for many families.

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