family lawyer divorce philadelphiaRelocation can be an issue when there is a custody agreement of minor children. Unfortunately, as a custodial parent, you no longer have the freedom to make such life decisions without the consent of the other parent. Alternatively, as the noncustodial parent, you are entitled to information regarding the whereabouts of your child.

If opposition arises regarding relocation and effects a custody arrangement, the court will take into consideration multiple factors. Relevant factors may include: the ongoing practice of all parties involved, the child’s relationship with both parents, the reason for relocating, and the quality of life resulting from the relocation. Ultimately, the determination is made in consideration of the best interest of the child.

For example, in the case of Watkins v. Jones (PICS Case No. 11-1321, C.P. Lawrence, June 27, 2011) the mother remarried and requested relocation two times in less than two years. The father disputed the second request as it would hinder his custody/visitations. However, after the court’s careful review of the relevant factors, the request was ultimately granted based on the quality of life it would provide for the child and the child’s attachment to the mother.

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