“Diligence is the mother of good luck.” —Benjamin Franklin

It’s natural to hope to come out of the marriage dissolution process unscathed – or at least with as little stress and disruption as possible. Obtaining the best outcome in a divorce is never about luck. Rather, a successful divorce is all about preparation, organization, and knowledge from day one.

You’re faced with a list of critical considerations the moment you decide to file for divorce, starting with how the two of you will proceed. Can the marriage dissolution proceed simply through mediation, or will disagreements and difficulties require the assistance of lawyers? What will the terms of the divorce be regarding property division and spousal support – and if you have children, how should child custody and support be determined? Depending on your specific situation, there may be even more factors to think about during the divorce process, such as business valuation, a spouse’s military status, and the possibility of hidden assets.

After the complaint form is filed with the court and served to you or your spouse, you will need to obtain all the important records relating to your marital property and debts. No stone can be left unturned during the discovery phase, so staying organized and diligent is key. This extensive preparation ensures every detail is noted in the final divorce agreement. When it finally comes time for negotiations and reaching the divorce agreement, you and your attorney will have discussed your priorities and will be ready to negotiate an arrangement that works for you.

Top notch legal representation makes all the difference. Our law firm has helped clients with a range of unique complexities, including custody disputes, high income and valuable assets, property rights, business interests, and more. Whether through mediation or traditional divorce proceedings, we secure clients’ futures by uncovering hidden assets, fairly distributing property, and ensuring all income is disclosed and reflected in support agreements. Our commitment to diligence, knowledge, and preparation achieves a better outcome for our clients.

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