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Navigating Real Estate During Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be an incredibly challenging life transition. As you contemplate this difficult process, it is crucial to have a clear strategy in place, especially when dealing with real estate. In this guide, we will discuss considerations and steps to navigate the complexities of real estate during a divorce.

Prioritize Your Living Situation

Attorneys at Petrelli Previtera, LLC often start by emphasizing the importance of establishing goals and a strategy about where you want to live after divorce as you start contemplating divorce. Consider your living situation in terms of your basic needs: financial stability, living arrangements, and emotional well-being. Real estate plays a fundamental role in shaping your future, so one of the initial decisions is whether to remain in your current house or explore new opportunities.

In this video: Firm partner and attorney Melinda Previtera covers real estate and divorce.
Melinda Previtera, Esquire
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Staying in the Marital Home

Retaining custody of the marital home can be crucial for individuals going through a divorce, especially if they believe maintaining consistency in the home will aid in the transition for their children. When deciding whether to keep the house, there are several factors to consider, including emotional attachment, financial stability, and practicality. It is also important to assess whether you can afford the mortgage payments and other associated costs. If this is not feasible, exploring alternative options may be necessary.

Understanding the Legal Implications

Before making any decisions regarding your shared real estate, including moving out of the marital home, it is crucial to understand the legal implications of your actions on your divorce. One common concern is what happens to property during divorce if your name isn’t on the mortgage. In such cases, it is important to consult with your attorney to navigate through the legal complexities.

With the help of your attorney, you can familiarize yourself with the property division laws in your state, as well as any existing agreements or contracts related to your real estate. This will ensure your rights are protected and the process is handled correctly. Remember, seeking legal advice is essential in addressing any legal issues that may arise during the divorce process.

Evaluate Your Options

Once you have a clear understanding of the legal implications, it is time to assess your options. This may involve selling the property, buying out your spouse’s share, or negotiating a different arrangement altogether. If you decide to sell the property, there are several considerations to take into account, including the current real estate market. Factors such as location and market conditions can influence the timing of your sale and how you and your attorney believe it is best to structure your divorce settlement agreement regarding real estate. Your attorney may also seek advice from a real estate agent to provide insights and help you make informed decisions about your living budget and the timing for buying and selling real estate.

Buying Real Estate When Separated

When owning real estate while separated, it’s important to clarify a common misconception. Depending on your location, it may be possible to buy real estate even before the divorce is finalized. In some states, anything acquired after the separation date, whether a divorce complaint or a written separation agreement, is considered separate property. However, it’s advisable to consult with an attorney when buying real estate before the divorce is finalized.

Impact of Real Estate on Financial Stability During Divorce

The real estate assets you hold can significantly affect your financial stability during the divorce process. Often, real estate, especially the marital home, is one of the largest assets to consider in a divorce. If you decide to keep the property, it’s important to consider all related costs, including mortgage payments, insurance, and maintenance costs. These expenses can strain your budget, especially if transitioning from a two-income household to a single-income one. On the other hand, selling the property can provide a lump-sum payment that can be used to pay off joint debts or serve as a financial cushion for the future. However, market conditions can influence the profitability of this decision. Therefore, it’s essential to balance the emotional attachment to the property with its practical impact on financial stability. Each situation is unique, so it’s crucial to make this decision based on your individual circumstances and potential financial outcomes.

Seek Guidance

Connect with an Attorney at Our Firm

Emphasize the importance of seeking guidance from professionals who specialize in divorce proceedings. Making informed decisions early in the divorce process is crucial, as they can have long-term effects on your financial stability. To seek guidance from an attorney at our firm, please contact us at 866-465-5395. Connecting with a local attorney can provide you with valuable insights into the laws of your state and how they specifically apply to your situation. Navigating real estate matters during a divorce can be complex. Still, with the right strategy and professional guidance, you can make informed decisions that pave the way for a brighter future. Remember, you are not alone – there are professionals ready to support you every step of the way.

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Melinda Previtera, Esq. came highly recommended to our family. Her knowledge base, professionalism, and compassion paved the way for a successful outcome. Melinda is efficient, detailed, and informative. She helps manage expectations, and postures her client for a fair and equitable result. We are happy to recommend Melinda!

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My experience was very good. Everyone was professional and attentive to my needs, keeping me updated every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better result, highly recommended.

David R.

My marriage life has been a hell for me for the past four years until I decided to put an end to what has to be ended. Choosing a lawyer was another additional stressful part of the long process. I’m so glad that I’ve found the right one for me at Petrelli Previtera. Life isn’t always fair, but at least having her in my corner, felt even better. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Caitlin B.

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