We struggle to use the word “advantages” and “divorce” in the same sentence.  We know that even in the best of circumstances, a divorce is a life changing event and that while the final outcome may be advantageous the process of getting there is often difficult.

That is why we work to the best of our abilities to help families through the process of divorce.  When possible, we advise families to consider no fault divorce.  A no fault divorce has three distinct advantages over a contested divorce.  Specifically:

  • No Fault Divorces are Typically Less Expensive. If you and your soon to be ex-spouse agree on child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division then there is less to be negotiated by your lawyers or decided by a judge.  This may significantly reduce your attorney’s fees and allow your family to keep more of your own money. Uncontested divorces may also qualify for a flat rate attorney assisted online divorce filing for $199.
  • No Fault Divorces May be Faster. Without having to go back and forth negotiating aspects of your divorce or waiting for a judge to have court time to hear your case and then issue a ruling, your divorce may be finalized faster than in a contested Pennsylvania divorce proceeding.
  • No Fault Divorces May be Less Painful and Lead to Better Post Divorce Relationships. Quite simply, you stay in control of your future when you enter a no fault divorce.  You, together with your soon to be ex-spouse, decide what is best for your family instead of leaving it to strangers to decide. If there are children of the marriage, or another reason for ongoing communication, a no-fault divorce may lead to open communication and a better post divorce relationship than a divorce decided by the courts.

For more information about a Pennsylvania no fault divorce, please contact a Pennsylvania no fault divorce lawyer to discuss your options.