For Philadelphia Postnuptial Agreement Assistance

Postnuptial Agreement Assistance

The latest trend—and, we assure you, it’s a positive trend—is the rise of postnuptial agreements. Here’s how it works: A couple that has been having conflict in their marriage or domestic partnership seek out the help of a lawyer. They draft a mutually satisfying agreement between the partners, which is then reviewed independently by attorneys for each spouse. Once everyone agrees the agreement is fair, the spouses sign the document—which then becomes a legally binding contract to guide their behavior within the relationship.

It doesn’t sound romantic.

You’d be surprised. In many cases, negotiating a postnuptial agreement leads to an emotional breakthrough for the partners. Each one sheds normal defenses as they work to save their marriage. Many couples report achieving a new level of emotional intimacy in the process.

More to the point, postnuptial agreement mediation is effective. It works. In many cases, couples find that a disintegrating relationship isn’t just “patched up,” it’s rebuilt more solidly than ever before.

The key is choosing the right mediator. That crucial role must be filled by someone who is compassionate yet practical, someone who is skilled at resolving disputes in creative ways but not afraid to reveal the underlying attitudes that cause those disputes. You need someone with broad experience in the mediation specialty who has a solid understanding of family law.

In short, you need a postnuptial agreement mediator from the Divorce Done Right network of family law mediators. Our skilled and trustworthy associates are attorneys, social workers, and mental health professionals. They assist communication between both parties in a confidential environment so that you can resolve your differences and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

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The certified Pennsylvania mediators at Petrelli Previtera, LLC have the skills to draft a workable postnuptial agreement that suits your unique assets and circumstances. We also can work as private counsel for one spouse to review a draft agreement objectively.

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This firm is very good. They gave me good advice and so far I’ll still have custody of my grandchildren and with his help I shall maintain that custody. Superior.- A Family Law Client, Philadelphia, PA
Petrelli Previtera worked with me on case and he was great. His staff and lawyers are so friendly and helpful. You can tell they cared by how quickly they returned my calls. Even if Mr. Petrelli was unavailable to assist me, his associate was there to answer my questions. I am very happy with their work and their rates are reasonable. If you need a family lawyer, these are the guys to go to.- A Pennsylvania Client, Delaware County, PA