Ending a long term relationship is just as painful whether you are legally married or not, and a long term relationship that is not recognized as a marriage may result in similar issues to a marriage when the relationship dissolves.

Pennsylvania does not yet recognize same sex marriages, nor do all municipalities recognize domestic partnerships. The lack of clear laws regarding the dissolution of same sex couples or heterosexual unmarried couples may lead to significant complications if a couple decides to separate. The Pennsylvania divorce laws of alimony, property division, and child custody do not apply.

What Should an Unmarried Couple Do When They Separate?

If an agreement cannot be reached between the partners, then it is important to contact a Pennsylvania family law attorney. A lawyer can look at any contracts the partners have entered, statutes, and common law to help the couple come with a fair settlement. This is particularly important when the couple shares children or significant amounts of property.

Do Not Leave Your Settlement to Chance – or to your Former Partner

Instead, protect yourself now so that you can make an easier transition to single life and so that you can protect yourself and your kids.