If this is your first time getting a divorce, the process will naturally be unfamiliar. You may seek advice from family members or friends. Take the tips you get from these well-meaning people with a grain of salt. More often than not, what you hear about divorce is either completely wrong or not applicable to your situation.

The problem with believing divorce myths is that it has real-world consequences. If you buy into these misconceptions, you may get a lopsided settlement. Here are some of the most prevalent myths about divorce.

1. Adultery affects property division

If your spouse is cheating on you, you may think you have the upper hand in negotiations. In reality, the legal system does not care about adultery. An affair will rarely have any impact on the  asset division process.

2. Mom will get custody

You may assume the mother is the default person for custody. However, this is not a guarantee. The dad may end up with custody. Even more likely, there will be joint custody, which means you both share parenting time. Gender does not influence the outcome of custody decisions.

3. DIY divorce is quick and easy

If you are searching the internet for divorce tips, you may come across the prospect of a do-it-yourself divorce. While this idea may sound appealing, it usually does not work out. Divorce is a complex process fraught with legal and financial issues. It is better to get help from professionals rather than trying to handle it on your own.

4. Women always get alimony

Spousal support does not depend on gender. Rather, it is based on the financial resources and needs of each person. Men sometimes end up with spousal maintenance. It all depends on your unique financial prospects.

Do not believe these harmful misconceptions. Instead of believing what everyone else tells you, you should rely on legal counsel regarding your unique situation.