A power of attorney is essential for LGBT relationships. Should a partner become incapacitated, who will legally make important decisions about medical care or financial matters? Until recently LGBT couples in Pennsylvania were not afforded the same legal  protections available to married couples. When couples are not married, a power of attorney is a critical legal document that will allow an individual to designate their partner with the authority to make important decisions related to healthcare or finances.

Although LGBT couples in Pennsylvania now have the right to marry, it may take time for the laws to catch up.  Our LGBT lawyers in Philadelphia prepare powers of attorney for every couple. Powers of attorney can be created for multiple purposes. A durable power of attorney allows the appointed agent the ability to make decisions on all matters concerning the incapacitated party. Alternatively, individuals can choose to grant their partner limited abilities by designating separate powers for finances, medical decisions, and select legal areas. Ask our attorneys about:

  • Durable power of attorney
  • General power of attorney
  • Limited power of attorney
  • Financial power of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney

When a couple has fully executed powers of attorney they are helping prevent potential stress and hardship. If one partner relies on the other financially and the partner providing income becomes incapacitated, their other partner is left in a vulnerable and often helpless situation, unable to make important healthcare decisions or manage necessary finances. In these types of events it is common for medical costs to mount while day-to-day bills must still be satisfied. Powers of attorney afford peace of mind by designating and preserving each partner’s legal authorities.

Same-sex, gay, lesbian, and transgendered couples can plan for their futures by meeting with one of our LGBT lawyers in Philadelphia. Those in serious committed relationships may consider other legal tools in addition to powers of attorney. LGBT laws in Pennsylvania are still developing and our attorneys know exactly how to form documents that will offer LGBT couples the legal protections they need in their relationships. Cohabitation agreements, domestic partnerships, child custody documents, and other services can be explored when you meet with our Philadelphia LGBT lawyers.