Instead of enduring traditional divorce proceedings, some couples can settle their divorce with less time, stress, and cost through mediation. An experienced professional mediator will meet with both spouses to help them discuss what they want, so they can amicably arrive at a fair divorce agreement. Through mediation, both parties are meant to feel empowered by having their issues heard and resolved.

When Might Mediation Be the Answer?

Divorce mediation is a viable option for couples who, despite their differences and desire to split, can sit down together and work toward a fair divorce agreement. Divorcing spouses who are comfortable speaking up for their best interests and listening to one another often find that a mediator is the perfect solution to reaching a resolution. Mediation is especially helpful for couples with children who will need to co-parent and communicate long after the divorce is over.

Naturally, mediation isn’t for everybody. This method is not a good choice for couples who are divorcing on hostile terms or are in situations involving physical or verbal abuse.

If you think medication might be an appropriate method for you and your soon-to-be-ex to dissolve your marriage, check out the three major advantages listed below.

  1. Advantage #1: Lower Cost: Traditional divorce requires each spouse to hire a divorce lawyer, which often takes a substantial amount of money away from the marital property to be divided. However, mediators frequently charge an hourly rate (rather than a retainer) for their services. As a handful of mediation sessions often take far less time than most traditional divorce proceedings, the cost of mediation tends to be even lower. Mediators will typically also help couples establish at the outset of the process how the cost of mediation will be shared or paid – so there are no surprises.
  2. Advantage #2: Less Tension: When divorce proceedings unnecessarily go to court or are otherwise dragged out, more contention and disagreement tends to arise between the parties. Instead, divorce mediation happens in a comfortable, cordial environment in which each spouse has a chance to share what he or she wants. The goal is to resolve all issues and come to a fair agreement with as much efficiency and as little stress as possible.
  3. Advantage #3: Shorter Time: Traditional divorce can take many months or even years to resolve. Couples who choose mediation work to resolve their issues and work out an agreement over the course of several sessions. Each case is different, so the number of sessions needed varies from couple to couple. Mediators try to minimize the number of sessions needed without compromising the parties’ ability to be heard. Upon beginning the process of divorce mediation, a couple’s will go over scheduling and sessions.

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