You have decided that your child should be put up for adoption at birth. You are confident in your decision and you are not looking to discuss whether or not it is the right one.

You Still Need a Lawyer

Even if you are no longer deciding whether or not adoption is the right choice, you still need an attorney. A Pennsylvania adoption lawyer can help a birth parent by:

  • Making sure that you are fully informed of your rights.
  • Structuring an agreement for what happens during your pregnancy, labor, and time in the hospital. How involved do you want the adoptive parents to be in your prenatal care? Will they be present at the birth? Will you see the baby after birth?
  • Structuring an agreement for the future. Will this be an open or closed adoption? Will you have any contact with the adoptive family? Will the child be allowed to contact you when he or she is older?

The big decision has been made, but there are many smaller decisions that should be made and included in a legal agreement so that there is no question about anyone’s rights.
If you are seeking to have another family adopt your child then please do not hesitate to contact our Pennsylvania adoption lawyers today to discuss your rights and to make sure that you, and your birth child, are protected.