Ben Gibson: Spanish-Speaking Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia

headshot of attorney Ben Gibson

Ben Gibson is a versatile divorce attorney who is devoted to helping his clients navigate a wide variety of family law situations. He combines the tenacity of a fierce litigator with the emotional intelligence of a negotiator, making him a standout attorney in the emotionally charged realm of divorce.

One way he applies negotiation strategies to ensure positive outcomes for his clients is by approaching each case with the legal standard of what a judge would likely decide if the case were to go to court. This makes it less likely that the other party will flat-out reject the offer or refuse to negotiate.

His thoughtful, strategic negotiation skills have proven to be a significant benefit—after all, clients going through divorces need attorneys who can convincingly, eloquently, and passionately argue their cases, and Ben is uniquely equipped to do so.

Ben also has a personal perspective in the divorce process, as he went through a divorce. He understands the emotional toll that the end of a marriage can take, and he knows how to guide clients out of that darkness with knowledge of the process and compassion for the situation.

Before joining Petrelli Previtera, LLC, he served as a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, where he was regularly in the courtroom at least three times each week. This experience shaped him into a hardworking and powerful force in the courtroom.

Ben is also committed to ensuring that Philadelphia’s Spanish-speaking community can access quality legal representation. Clear communication between lawyers and clients is one of the most important factors in any case. When a bilingual attorney has limited proficiency in the client’s language, the client suffers.

Ben has dedicated much of his education to learning the Spanish language, and he speaks and writes with near-native proficiency. He has a master’s degree in Spanish from Auburn University, and he completed Ph.D.-level coursework in Spanish at Temple University.

However, Ben’s experience with Spanish isn’t limited to the world of academics. Before graduating from law school, he worked as a student intern at the Immigrant Justice Clinic in Camden, NJ, representing and building relationships with clients entirely in Spanish. During client meetings, he also served as an interpreter.

Ben also interned at Camden’s Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic, performing research and translating legal documents from English to Spanish.

After earning his master’s degree and completing his Ph.D. coursework, Ben earned his Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers University. He was the recipient of a merit scholarship and graduated cum laude.

Although Ben focuses on divorce law, he also assists clients with a range of family law concerns, including spousal support, property division, adoption, child support, and child custody.

Ben grew up in North Dakota and now lives in Philadelphia with his tuxedo cat, Rocky. When he isn’t practicing law, he enjoys cooking, baking, and traveling wherever he can.


  • Juris Doctor, Rutgers Law School
  • Master of Arts in Spanish, Auburn University

Bar Admissions

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey

Professional Associations

  • Philadelphia Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Philadelphia LGBTQ Bar Association
  • National LGBTQ+ Bar Association

Practice Areas

  • Adopción / Adoption
  • Custodia de Menores / Child Custody
  • Manutención de los Hijos / Child Support
  • Divorcio / Divorce
  • División de la Propiedad / Property Division
  • Manutención de Cónyuge / Spousal Support
  • Violencia Doméstica / Domestic Violence
  • Protección contra Abuso / Protection from Abuse