When a couple mutually decides to divorce, using an online service might seem appealing. In addition to the small price tag and fast process, the steps seem simple. Answer questions and provide consent, and the online divorce company will complete and file the appropriate documents. However, there are several important considerations couples should know about before taking this approach to dissolving their marriage.

No Two Divorces Are Alike

A one-size-fits-all divorce method has the potential to leave certain complexities unaddressed in a couple’s divorce, resulting in decisions that should have been made differently. Spouses who have a variety of assets and/or a multifaceted prenuptial agreement may have questions that legal counsel could better address. Without the help of a divorce attorney, they could misunderstand their answers on the forms, which will eventually become a legally-binding agreement. Once the documents are filed, getting modifications can be very difficult.

Hiding or Forgetting Assets Could Be Easier

Experienced divorce lawyers frequently search for hidden assets, sometimes with the help of independent investigators. Taking this extra step ensures both spouses are aware of the totality of their marital property. They can then divide them fairly and accurately. As online divorce services do not offer this level of support, one party could dishonestly hide assets from the other.

Likewise, spouses could forget about certain marital assets when filling out the online divorce forms. Accidentally leaving property out of the divorce agreement could pose a problem in the future.

The Internet is Not Always Trustworthy

Divorcing online means providing the most personal details – assets, social security numbers, credit card information, addresses, and much more. Submitting this information online could mean risking identity theft if it falls into the wrong hands.

Legal Counsel Offers Support and Guidance

Seeking the help of an attorney may cost more time and money, but couples have the peace of mind that they are navigating the process properly. Even if you and your spouse are splitting amicably, consulting with a lawyer before beginning your divorce can get you on the right track. We welcome you to contact our firm for advice moving forward.