Paying a divorce attorney is probably up there with paying taxes on the list of ways that you want to spend money. Yet, if you want a divorce you should consider hiring a lawyer. If you don’t the consequences can be significant just as they can be if you don’t pay what you owe the government. While you don’t want to overspend and pay for legal services that you don’t need, you should ask yourself the following questions before hiring the least expensive lawyer you can find to handle even a simple and uncontested Pennsylvania divorce.

Am I Absolutely Sure This is an Uncontested Divorce? Are you confident that you and your spouse agree on everything and that your spouse is not going to present any last minute surprises?

Am I Sure I Can Live With Our Agreement for the Rest of My Life? While some aspects of your divorce such as child custody may be reconsidered at a later date, other aspects of your divorce such as the distribution of property and other financial matters will be final.

If I Choose a High Volume Divorce Practice Will I be Getting Legal Representation? Will an attorney actually review your case? Will you be able to speak to a lawyer, rather than a secretary, if you have a question?

Will I Pay More Than the Advertised Price? Is the price advertised really the price that you will pay or are there extra fees involved?

Where Will My Case be Filed? While it is legal to file for divorce in any Pennsylvania county, it may not be in your best interest to do so.

Hiring a reasonably priced divorce lawyer who can adequately represent your interests is an important decision. We encourage you to think about your options, and the potential consequences of your decision, before you sign a fee agreement.