Meet Kathryn Dent, Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Kathryn Dent, Family Law Attorney

With over 12 years of experience in family law, Kathryn Dent has honed her skills in representing clients in divorce-related issues, becoming a recognized figure in complex divorce litigation and settlement negotiations. Kathryn’s practice focuses on providing comprehensive legal solutions to those navigating the challenges of divorce. Kathryn has established herself as a formidable force in the courtroom, offering clients first chair representation for complex litigation. Kathryn’s unwavering dedication to her clients and exceptional knowledge of the rules of evidence set her apart from other trial attorneys.

Based in the firm’s Bucks County office, Kathryn serves as the firm’s attorney manager, who advises fellow attorneys on trial matters. Her wealth of experience and deep understanding of what it takes to win in the courtroom makes her a sought-after resource within the firm. Attorneys often turn to Kathryn for advice and guidance on their challenging divorce cases, recognizing her expertise and track record of success.

Kathryn’s practice primarily focuses on highly handling high-stakes divorce cases involving significant assets. She thrives in these challenging cases, which often require a meticulous approach and the collaboration of various experts. Kathryn has developed a distinct ability to work with a wide range of professionals, including forensic accountants, vocational experts, business attorneys, psychological evaluators, substance abuse evaluators, custody evaluators, real estate appraisers, and business appraisers. In complex and high-value estate family law cases, it is not uncommon to have multiple experts involved. As a result, the success of these cases often hinges on the attorney’s skill in leveraging expert testimony and the evidence they provide, as well as in their ability to find critical distinctions to discredit the opposing side’s experts through cross-examination.

Drawing from her extensive trial experience, Kathryn excels in presenting expert evidence to build a compelling case. She has a proven track record of effectively establishing experts’ credentials and skillfully representing their findings in court. In addition, her ability to navigate the complexities of complex family law cases and work seamlessly with experts has contributed to her remarkable success and the favorable outcomes she achieves for her clients.

In addition to her impressive courtroom accomplishments, Kathryn is the author of the guide, “Preparing for a Family Law Trial: Strategies and Tips for Effective Trial Preparation in Family Law Cases.” This resource is a comprehensive manual that provides attorneys with valuable strategies and tips to prepare effectively for family law trials, ensuring their clients’ interests are well-represented and their cases stand a strong chance of success.

Kathryn Dent earned her Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law and is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey. Kathryn is a highly respected Family Law Attorney with a proven ability to navigate complex litigation and deliver favorable outcomes. Her depth of experience, particularly in working with experts, sets her apart and ensures that her clients receive exceptional representation in even the most contentious cases.


  • Juris Doctor, Hofstra University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Delaware, 2007

Professional Associations

  • Member, Philadelphia Bar Association
  • Member, Bucks County Bar Association

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • Texas, 2011
  • Pennsylvania, 2013
  • New Jersey, 2019

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