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Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Aurora

Divorce and Family Law Firm

Tucked away on the eastern edge of the Colorado landscape is a vibrant city east of Denver called Aurora.

Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado and home to more than 400,000 diverse residents.

With the Rockies just next door, this mountain town delivers city living at a fraction of the hassle and the added bonus of a stunning backdrop.

Aurora is blessed with a high elevation and mountainous landscape that offer a flurry of outdoor activities to satisfy even the most adventurous of residents.

On the other hand, the Cherry Creek schools, excellent weather, and decent quality of life sustain a steady flow of young couples and families ready to set tent and call this beautiful town home.

Where Petrelli Previtera Come in

Like any other part of Colorado and the US, most Aurora families adjust their living arrangements from time to time.

For some people, living happily ever after may mean staying together for the rest of their lives; for others, it may mean separating and starting over altogether.

Unfortunately, divorce is not always as simple as packing bags and going separate ways. Divorce cues in several other complications, such as:

  • Custody arrangements
  • Asset division,
  • Spousal support
  • A ton of conflicting emotions.

Having an empathetic, experienced, and qualified separation lawyer makes a considerable difference compared to going through divorce alone.

And this is where Petrelli Previtera comes in.

Our lawyers bring combined decades of experience handling simple and complex divorces in Colorado. We have a proven track record of providing meaningful litigation and creating outcomes that make it easier to transition into the next stage of your life.

Besides preparing you for court appearance, telling you what to wear to court, and helping you fill out and sign relevant documents, other services you can expect from us are:

  • Emotional Support

Our experience over the years has taught us the essence of going beyond the legalities of divorce to being allies and offering our clients an understanding shoulder.

Our lawyers will lend an empathetic ear, provide reassurance during challenging times, and help you eliminate the anxieties around the divorce process and, most essentially, the fear of the unknown.

  • A legal Perspective

Divorce is very emotional, and in between the anxiety, fear, and conflicting emotions, it’s easy for the legal perspective to be blurred.

Most of the anxiety in divorce is caused by the lack of understanding of the processes that determine legal outcomes.

Our attorneys will provide strategic legal guidance and advocacy in a way that helps you eliminate anxiety, build realistic expectations, and best prepare for the new normal that awaits you after divorce.

  • A Fight for Your Interests

Divorce is rarely a contest as most partners come to an amicable agreement with little involvement of the law. However, in instances where divorce goes the other direction, you need a skilled and unrelenting attorney to wear the gloves and put up a spirited fight for your interest.

The outcome of divorce lies significantly in how your views are expressed, and interests articulated, which can only be achieved with the help of an experienced legal team like that at Petrelli Previtera.

  • Mediation and Negotiation

Navigating difficult conversations with your past partner requires a level of composure that most people don’t possess, especially when emotions run high.

If you don’t feel like ever talking to your ex, don’t fret. You can always count on Petrelli Previtera lawyers to handle mediation, ensure calm heads prevail, and foster collaboration and compromise.

To start immediately, contact us at (303) 416-7086, and our teams will immediately begin securing your future. We’re always available for a same-day consultation.

How We Can Help

  1. Child Custody and Visitation

Our lawyers will be instrumental in helping you gain primary custody of your child or modifying any existing custody arrangement that you have.

Some of the ways our lawyers can make your life easier during child custody and visitation orders include:

  • Advising you on how best to talk to your kids about divorce and custody arrangements
  • Collecting and presenting substantial evidence about your child’s living condition
  • Acquiring custody and visitation rights for grandparents
  • Ensuring the enforcement of child custody orders and compliance by the other party
  • Facilitating coordination with third parties such as guardians or even the police if necessary
  1. Child Support

For most legal separations in Colorado that involve children, child support is an unavoidable part of the process. Our trained lawyers will help you:

  • Gather the required documentation
  • Calculate and anticipate the possible child support amounts
  • Negotiate on your behalf and behalf of your child
  • Offer representation in legal proceedings
  • Negotiating an out-of-court agreement with your partner if it serves your best interests

Child support orders in Aurora are not permanent or written in stone. In that case, our legal teams can help you modify or enforce any existing child support orders.

  1. Spousal Support

If you feel the divorce process will leave you financially disenfranchised, our divorce lawyers can help you file for spousal support.

Our lawyers can help you understand eligibility under Colorado law and calculate reasonable and agreeable spousal support based on duration, entitlement and amount.

We can also help you with the enforcement if one partner is not holding their end of the deal or with any adjustments you deem necessary to your existing alimony agreement.

  1. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

With half of marriages ending in divorce, you may decide on a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets or prevent a financially “disruptive” divorce in future. Our lawyers can help you draft a prenup that future-proofs your assets to the extent of the law.

Our lawyers will also help you understand prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, their meaning, and their impact on your divorce and separation.

  1. Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

36% of women and 30% of men in CO have faced intimate partner violence at least once in their lifetime. It’s even worse if the aggressor is your spouse, as this often means sharing the same roof with your abuser.

Our lawyers will help you file charges against an abusive spouse. If kids are involved, we will help you file emergency custody or extradite any ongoing court processes. In addition, we can help you get restraining orders for additional protection from an abusive partner.

If you’re a current victim of domestic or sexual violence, contact us immediately at (303) 416-7086, and we’ll spring right away into getting you the help you deserve.

  1. Asset division

Whether it’s the house or the dog, “Who gets what and why” is the most pertinent issue raised during the divorce process in Aurora.

Asset division in an equitable distribution state like Colorado is often an intricate affair that combines complex maths, accounting, and legal principles.

Our attorneys at Petrelli Previtera will help you:

  • Come up with a comprehensive list of all the assets in your marriage
  • Conduct asset valuation as per market values
  • Explain the tax consequences of your divorce
  • Deal with any complex maths and accounting that may arise
  1. Adoption

Like divorce, adoption in Colorado is subject to many laws and statutes. Congratulations if you and your spouse want to add another member to your family.

Our lawyers will be happy to help you navigate the intricacies of adoption laws, meet the legal requirements, and make that dream a reality in the shortest and most convenient time possible.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I File for Divorce in Aurora?

You can file for divorce in Aurora at the county clerk’s office in your county of residence. For Arapahoe, the county clerk’s office is at 1790 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, Colorado 80120.

In Which County Will My Aurora Divorce Case Be Heard?

Aurora is unique in Colorado as it spans three counties: Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas. Your divorce proceedings will be heard in your county of residence.

Do the Courts Differ Per County in Aurora?

Yes. Though the three Denver counties are covered by the same Colorado divorce laws, the judges, philosophies, and applications of the law may differ.

Nonetheless, our lawyers have decades of experience navigating these nuances and will work to get the best outcomes regardless of your county of residence.

What Criteria is Used for Asset Distribution in Aurora?

The law in Colorado bases asset division on equitable distribution. This doesn’t necessarily imply that your property will be divided equally, only that your property will be divided in a manner that the judge deems fair.

Choosing the Right Attorney Goes a Long Way

Selecting the right lawyer to guide you through your Colorado divorce proceeding is the most crucial decision you can make regarding your divorce.

Petrelli Pevitera is an Inc. 5000 law firm featured in the 2019 and 2020 releases of the Inc. Magazine and is one of the top firms in the nation.

Like many other cases, the guidance and advocacy of our attorneys can be pivotal in assuring your future and protecting your interests in a divorce trial.

Get answers today by contacting our attorneys at (866)-465-5935, and our teams will be more than willing to help.

Client Testimonials

They are amazing! I highly recommend anyone that is in need of assistance with child support hearings to seek out the expertise and experience of this law firm and staff! They handled my case quickly and I feel that my money was put to good use. Much appreciated! Nothing less than five stars!

Alana Deverson

I just want to say GREAT JOB! She is a no nonsense professional with years of experience that qualifies her as a skilled Family Law attorney. She is seasoned, sensitive, and most of all she cares. She made things easy for me. Definitely recommend!

Kimberly Colby

Overall I was pleased with the results of my divorce case. The entire Petrelli Previtera team truly cares about their clients. Luckily for me, I was paired up with an amazing team helping all the way. If you happen to work with this firm and with the lawyers you’ll be in great hands. It was such an excellent service and it was beyond I expected.

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